People Tweet Pres Trump - List One

Ed note: The seriousness or even legitimacy of these complementary and suggestive tweets cannot be determined but many do contain praise, advice, thoughts, and useful ideas. As the editors built this list, it was determined subsequent lists will be necessary.

Some republican may be playing you so they can rob the bank and then blame you, watch out for them.
Thomas, Alito, and now Gorsuch three flunkies, two to go, great great work!
Just blame the democrats and Obama, your fans will believe they want to believe.
Sixty percent of Americans think you're dishonest keep up the good work!
Forty straight days of lying and they actually claimed you weren't a republican!
You should write a book on how to lie your way to the president of the USA, the art of the lie.
My mom says you are a shallow man, a family that lives on the surface and has no depth or care of another.
It's not your fault poor people didn't have rich parent like you, is it?
Keep em busy with distractions, next tell them you know where the FBI is hiding Roswell alien remains.
People should stop calling you appallingly ignorant you are president aren't you voters are smart aren't they!
Your fans are too busy to check if you are lying or making excuses, keep it up.
Each week make it some special named week like tech week infrastructure week security week keep them guessing.
Keep MSM busy looking for evidence with made up tweets about Hillary Obama.
Continue to keep MSM busy while our people take from the poor and reward the rich.
No worry without healthcare they'll die soon if they have pre-existing health problems, dead people can't vote.
Can I work with Russia like Jared and you do and make lots of money too?
Donald 40 straight days of lying darn I'm jealous, Guinness book here you come.
You're starting to look too old and out of shape next to Melania, the gym calls stay away from politics.
Love your hair, if Melania dumps you I'm available 690 555 4321 just call.
Promise them anything they'll believe so long as you blame others for everything.
Love your use of superlatives while providing your deplorables nothing but fancy signatures.

"The worth of the state, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it." John Stuart Mill


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