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American Conservatives are Embarrassing

"By an accident of birth, I fall into the White Guy category. To keep this on a positive note, let’s call it my brand. And that means that if other people with my outward characteristics do dumb-ass things, it reflects on my brand." Scott Adams

White conservative Americans have become an embarrassment. I know that's not politically correct, but face it folks we are starting to look like a nation of idiots. Think about that for a minute. Our white conservative Congress is voting again to repeal healthcare, you know healthcare that is slavery. Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to make America Somalia, no need to obey federal laws - articles of Confederation redux. Kansas Governor Brownback bought into the insane idea idea that reducing taxes brings forth magic. Now the state is a mess. Kansas is just one state run by a white conservative republican. Was Brownback alive in 2008 and 2009 or was he lost in some imaginary supply side universe. Laffer is so appropriate a name.