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Donnie John Trump self made Myth

The estimated federal deficit next year will exceed a trillion dollars, boosting the national debt past $21 trillion.
Trump had promised to eliminate that debt entirely, you go Donnie and republican hypocrites, bet that tax bill was good for you all.
Draft dodger Trump is the Dr Reo Symes of modern American life and his fans buy into the product line.
Fake university fake foundation fake wine company fake tax returns fake football team John Barron fake fake fake.
How about the ball-less republicans couldn't face a woman but turned cheerleaders for a lying spoiled rich boy.
After Sniffles Kavanaugh is confirmed, Roy Moore is next in line, a real devil's triangle in the SCOTUS.
Trump snowflakes now think the Clintons were behind hurricane Florence, what powers huh. You go Trumpies.
President Trump cites China's respect for his 'very, very large a brain' kinda like a large empty dump truck we guess.
Fox kowtows to Trump BS, can a…