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Thank a Liberal

The Greatest Americans are from the left side of life for who else could imagine a better world. "Much of what we now take for granted as common sense was once espoused by people who were widely considered left-wing radicals."

The greatest Americans are on the left side of the political spectrum, why is that? Liberals, lefties, and other left leaning radicals need to take a bow. I've often asked my conservative friends to list conservative accomplishments. What you get is an invasion of liberal ideas starting with Humanism in the middle ages, the Renaissance, and finally the Enlightenment. As I have noted often, no nation was founded by conservative ideas as conservative ideas require a foundation and foundations do not exist on their own, they must be imagined and pushed forward against a wall of let's keep things as they are.

"The 20Th century is a remarkable story of progressive accomplishments against overwhelming odds. But it is not a tale of steady progr…