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What did I learn from this election

In a real sense white educated and uneducated America voted hate*, hate born of many years of right wing media: Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter, Newsmax, and Fox media are only a part of the mostly rural hate machine. It hates progress and diversity, it hates what is often called political correctness, but was once considered manners and tolerance. Much of this hate is even exhibited in Evangelical Christianity's opposition to a changing, more tolerant society. Main Street media lived all this time in a self reflecting bubble in which they presented hate as if it were just spectacle. They failed too. What I actually saw.

The republicans are an unprincipled party.
Republicans elected the first candidate with no connection to truth.
Republicans are not Conservatives in any sense of the term.
Social change and rights for others brought out an enormous backlash.
Republicans blame everyone except themselves.
The republican base excuses their party, its corporate sponsors, and their own pa…