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How To Fix The Republican Party

By now it is obvious to all but the brain dead and retarded partisans that the republican party is useless. The party's only goal is to get back into power so they kiss the feet of the purses that control and manage them. The few sane and rational republicans left are leaving the party as Olympia Snowe did, or they have put on a clown hat as John McCain and Orrin Hatch do now. Republicans must now act like retarded tea party members. If an honest republican appeared today they'd be labeled crazy and placed in a Koch rehabilitation center. So with hope that the number of lunatics can at least be reduced in the party of Lincoln, the following voter's guide has been proposed.

If a republican candidate says no new taxes under any circumstance, don't vote for them.
If a republican candidate appears twice in a week on Fox media, don't vote for them.
If a republican candidate is taken seriously on Fox news, don't vote for them.
If a republican candidate is praised by …

Hats off to Harry Reid

You gotta give Harry credit, we have lived through the most insane nonsense from the republicans and their spokespeople for at least four years now, and when Harry says something off the wall, the right wingnuts, republicans, and assorted tea party whiners are all up in arms.

So now that Harry has struck back with the same artillery, it's time we all had a go at it. So let's see if imitation is really a sign of flattery. Quotes below cannot be confirmed, but whoever said truth had any business in republican politics.

"Mitt Romney is not really a Mormon, he is a closet Episcopalian."
"There are over two hundred Nazis in the republican party today."
"Republicans are openly working to help the poor get poorer."
"Romney really does believe today what he believed yesterday but not the next day, but..."
"Republicans in the Chamber of Commerce think slavery is an excellent business practice."
"Mitt Romney swallows lots of xana…

The Modern American Conservative Olympics

Midcan puts on his conservative / republican / libertarian / cynic's hat.

I often hear the conservative right say that many college degrees and studies are useless because the real value of education is in turning the endeavor into a money making product. The arts are often criticized and many studies have no direct correlation to the market world. So watching the Olympics this week has brought to my attention a major flaw in the games, they are all useless in a market money driven world. I mean, who is going to pay you for swinging around on parallel bars, or swimming back and forth, or running fast. These could be valuable activities if the police were chasing you, or the playground was well equipped and you want to show off, but come on folks, markets don't care about these things. Synchronized diving, you gotta be kidding me! So how about some real American sports?

So many things in our nation concern guns and the Second Amendment that an automatic weapons destruction ev…