Hats off to Harry Reid

You gotta give Harry credit, we have lived through the most insane nonsense from the republicans and their spokespeople for at least four years now, and when Harry says something off the wall, the right wingnuts, republicans, and assorted tea party whiners are all up in arms.

So now that Harry has struck back with the same artillery, it's time we all had a go at it. So let's see if imitation is really a sign of flattery. Quotes below cannot be confirmed, but whoever said truth had any business in republican politics.

"Mitt Romney is not really a Mormon, he is a closet Episcopalian."
"There are over two hundred Nazis in the republican party today."
"Republicans are openly working to help the poor get poorer."
"Romney really does believe today what he believed yesterday but not the next day, but..."
"Republicans in the Chamber of Commerce think slavery is an excellent business practice."
"Mitt Romney swallows lots of xanax so he can be with regular Americans."
"Mitt Romney's real middle name is Adolph."
"Neocons are funding Mitt so they can invade Bermuda."
"Yes, you the taxpayer helped bail out the Utah Olympics."
"Rush Limbaugh has converted to Islam."
"Mitt really likes the little people in America so long as they stay away from his many gated estates."
"Fox and the WSJ secretly think all business men are crooks but openly want to share in their thievery."
"No one can confirm Mitt was born, some speculate corporate money created him."
"Republican only oppose gay marriage because their children are gay and they'd loss a wedge issue."
"Republicans don't hate women, they just want them barefoot and in the kitchen."
"According to sources, Romney is a cyborg, watch him smile."
"Republicans really only want to stop anyone who votes other than republican from voting."
"Republicans want majorities in congress so they slide through more pork and pay raises."
"Republicans really do care about healthcare so long as the sick person is a rich republican voter."
"Abortion is important to republicans because...jeez, no one knows why."

There are lots more, maybe you have heard some rumors disguised as facts. Please share them and keep em coming Harry. Don't be shy.

Wow, this just in: "Rumor has it Mitty really wanted to serve the nation in the military and not be just another draft dodger, but Zeus called him, he swears it was Zeus, Zeus told him to teach the natives." We are waiting for confirmation of the truth of this new absurdity disguised as fact claiming to be rumor.


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