The People Tweet Pres Trump - 2

The People Tweet Pres Trump - 2

Editor's note: It cannot be determined if all these tweets were actually used, there is no copyright on thought in this confusing time. Enjoy and use.

Stop calling healthcare Obamacare, this is your watch and what you do or don't do or allow others to do is now Trumpcare.
Donald, will Trumpcare be great like your University and Casinos?
The tough tweeter was a draft dodger, it's real tough finding a doctor to excuse you from serving your nation.
Great great idea not recording WH briefings, that way reality can be modified to fit anything at all.
When Hillary called your fans deplorables she missed the biggest one you.
How about that Gorsuch dissenting established civil rights for Americans another sad example of humanity.
You are greatest president in all history even fake history according to fake Time covers.
Donald you drive American made your fans drive foreign cars, how you gonna make America great.
Only eighty thousand voters caused thirty two million to lose healthcare how nice, how Christian.
Loved the fake Time magazine cover you looked so competent and accomplished unlike on TV.
Gorsuch makes Scalia look normal what a home run another bigot on the top court.
Love your religious BS you have them thinking you're the messiah who will lead them to the promised land of religious intolerance.
Killing Obamacare won't kill that many people will it, hopefully they are good people.
Donald bots are your most loyal twitter followers, congrats someone loves you.
Americans who voted for you have made a joke of the presidency by electing a joke.
Americans must realize by now, repeal and replace with something better was just a slogan for the naive.
Great work holding events for your reelection at your own hotels, double money for you.
Love seeing VP Pence and Speaker Ryan adulation plastered on their faces when they stand behind their hero DJT.
Donald since you have a knack for recreating the past why not create the future too?
Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes such funny faces when she realizes the truth must be avoided at all cost.
Who knew healthcare was complicated, seems everyone but Trump and the republicans!
Israel and Russia love you more than the rest of the world how nice is that.
Less Taxes for the wealthy great great great healthcare plan, the poor don't matter in Trump world.
Who knew judge Gorsuch would be among the educated deplorables?
Less taxes for the well to do, the moral thing to do in Trump's Christian America.


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