The People Tweet Pres Trump - 3

Why'd you spend $400,000 of taxpayer money flying back to Washington to attend a concert.
How's it feel to have a German women as leader of the free world now that you were elected?
Give up on false Podesta tweets, tell your fans a million Bigfoots voted for Hillary in CA, that they'll believe.
Stop posting the great Obama jobs monthly numbers, you'll need less jobs to justify giving the rich trickle up tax relief.
Keep coming up with plans that aren't really plans, the media will be kept busy and you can golf.
Alternative explanations for fake topics have not been ruled out as useful explanations, per Trump admin.
Is it true Ivanka is now running the country as you golf?
No need to worry about Russia meddling in our elections republicans are doing that well enough with voter ID regulations.
Under Trumpcare just 32 million people will lose health coverage great great work.
Pres Trump have you ever read a book? Ever? Recommended Strangers in Their Own Arlie Russell Hochschild.
Keep them guessing, tweet a made up scam about a real scam that way they'll not know which is which.
Great idea giving Putin free room and board at Trump Tower.
Your buddy Alex Jones is a great investigator, pizza parlors are now safe for children.
Is it true Kris Kobach found Martians and Sasquatch registered in several states? Great work Kris!
Some say you have never read a book, that's why you're so well spoken isn't it?
Great, your education secretary is all for check schools, money money money education who cares!
The ethics guy is gone no more ethical considerations that's great isn't it, get another Gorsuch and you're set.
Republicans approve of your buddy Putin more than other American leaders ain't that great.
Select enough judges like Alito Thomas and Gorsuch and you can call the shots, law is then yours to make.
Where the heck is that great great healthcare you promised everyone, was that fake too.
Have Alex Jones make up a fake wall, the National Inquirer will put it on front page and your fans will believe.
Glad your administration discovered NASA hiding kidnapped children on Mars, great great work.
Keep mentioning wmds just blame that too on Obama your followers don't care or even know what they are.
The ethics guys said you had too many conflicts of interest good thing he's gone.
Heard you and Putin will be riding horses in Central park shirtless, how presidential is that!


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