The People tweet Donald 4

Ruminations from the peanut gallery. As always real Americans share and these tweets can be shared.

Donnie, just say collusion is normal kinda like lying and not paying your workers, just part of the job.
Didn't mommy tell you Donnie that lying wasn't very nice or becoming a president?
Love your new slogan Donnie and Sons, 'Make America great again with Russian help'.
All those wealthy cabinet people really really understand the working poor in America.
Smart move Pres Macron give him a platform and parade and you got him where you want him.
Donnie, just keep saying you heard it through the it must be true....
Loved the photo of Kris Kobach next to an illegal Sasquatch voter on the National Inquirer front page, good work Kris.
Donnie Jr sure got played, but hey you made up enough lies about Hillary, no need to depend on Russian dirt.
Mike Lee claims conservatives need to add lying and cheating on their wives to conservative values.
Donnie stop watching TV go golfing, enjoy the summer, and Mar-a-Lago is for the fall and winter on taxpayer's tab.
Russia do this send Donnie Jr an email tell him anything he'll arrive on time like a good real estates salesman.
Listen Donnie and sons, just appear on Fox and tell them anything at all, they'll soak it up and smile like stuck puppets.
Keep interviewing with Hannity that man wouldn't have an idea if he fell over it twice and it hit him on the head three times.
Kinda funny how all your conversations with your sons are on the up and up, no business huh, you sure play your fans well.
Didn't your republican buddies repeal Obamacare yet, everyone is waiting for the 'beautiful' Trumpcare you promised.
Heard you and Vlad are studying computer science so you can catch the hackers together, great idea.
Alternative explanations for Trump tweets have not been ruled out per Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Donnie your administration is so off the wall, it is hard to satirize satire on so grand a scale.
The lawyers sure do love your administration Donnie, full employment and more. Who pays?
Donnie your infrastructure plan wasn't really a plan was it, plans require thought and you're soon on to, on to....
Kellyanne Conway says it took her years to learn how to make up stories and maintain a straight face.

"Kellyanne Conway says Trump mostly tweets about policy, with a straight face."


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