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'Are You Better Off....'

Or worse off - a Fox survey has over 80% claiming they are worse off? Personally, I cannot blame any president for how I feel each four years. Are Fox viewers eighty percent worse off, and if so, why? Whose fault is that?

Are you worse off because Obama was elected and he didn't help you out, are you too lazy for work and require the government to make things better for you? Are you worse off because the Bush tax cuts were left in place?

Or are you entitled to the government helping make it better for you, all the while whining that the particular government in power hasn't made it better for you?

Why does this question contradict the intent of the question? I thought the conservatives / republicans / libertarians did it all on their own, from nothing, did I miss a qualification or footnote?

If you are better off, should you thank Obama? Should you thank Government? Should you thank luck? Should you thank your dead relative who left you lots? Should you thank youself?