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The People tweet Donald 4

Ruminations from the peanut gallery. As always real Americans share and these tweets can be shared.

Donnie, just say collusion is normal kinda like lying and not paying your workers, just part of the job.
Didn't mommy tell you Donnie that lying wasn't very nice or becoming a president?
Love your new slogan Donnie and Sons, 'Make America great again with Russian help'.
All those wealthy cabinet people really really understand the working poor in America.
Smart move Pres Macron give him a platform and parade and you got him where you want him.
Donnie, just keep saying you heard it through the it must be true....
Loved the photo of Kris Kobach next to an illegal Sasquatch voter on the National Inquirer front page, good work Kris.
Donnie Jr sure got played, but hey you made up enough lies about Hillary, no need to depend on Russian dirt.
Mike Lee claims conservatives need to add lying and cheating on their wives to conservative values.
Donnie stop wa…

The People Tweet Pres Trump - 3

Why'd you spend $400,000 of taxpayer money flying back to Washington to attend a concert.
How's it feel to have a German women as leader of the free world now that you were elected?
Give up on false Podesta tweets, tell your fans a million Bigfoots voted for Hillary in CA, that they'll believe.
Stop posting the great Obama jobs monthly numbers, you'll need less jobs to justify giving the rich trickle up tax relief.
Keep coming up with plans that aren't really plans, the media will be kept busy and you can golf.
Alternative explanations for fake topics have not been ruled out as useful explanations, per Trump admin.
Is it true Ivanka is now running the country as you golf?
No need to worry about Russia meddling in our elections republicans are doing that well enough with voter ID regulations.
Under Trumpcare just 32 million people will lose health coverage great great work.
Pres Trump have you ever read a book? Ever? Recommended Strangers in Their Own Land...…

The People Tweet Pres Trump - 2

The People Tweet Pres Trump - 2

Editor's note: It cannot be determined if all these tweets were actually used, there is no copyright on thought in this confusing time. Enjoy and use.

Stop calling healthcare Obamacare, this is your watch and what you do or don't do or allow others to do is now Trumpcare.
Donald, will Trumpcare be great like your University and Casinos?
The tough tweeter was a draft dodger, it's real tough finding a doctor to excuse you from serving your nation.
Great great idea not recording WH briefings, that way reality can be modified to fit anything at all.
When Hillary called your fans deplorables she missed the biggest one you.
How about that Gorsuch dissenting established civil rights for Americans another sad example of humanity.
You are greatest president in all history even fake history according to fake Time covers.
Donald you drive American made your fans drive foreign cars, how you gonna make America great.
Only eighty thousand voters cause…