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The Greatest Inauguration of all Time

FNI has confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt or any doubt at all that the inauguration of Donald J Trump will be the greatest, most wonderful, most splendid, and most likely miraculous event in all of history even surpassing Roman Emperors.

Dignitaries will appear on a massive jumbotron praising Donald, several dignitaries who have passed were video taped so they could be part of a president already rated above the likes of Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt.

Russian President Vladamir Putin will preface the event with a lip synced Pledge of Allegiance to America and Russia while First lady Melania will plagiarize Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Thatcher with a speech filled with tough love and let em eat cake lines in a dress that cost more than most Americans make in three lifetimes. Later the voices of John Barron and John Miller will emanate from the jumbotron singing how great he is.

President Trump's speech has already been rated right next to the 'Sermon on th…