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Darn, I need to add all my fake tweets someday. A few more below. Such fun.


Donnie John Tweets His Fans

I love rallies just me and my adulation groupies.
Who needs Russian help Americans are dumb enough already.
I say any thing and they believe ain't my fans great.
How about my tax plan for me and wealthy friends great great tax plan.
Sorry about that imaginary great great healthcare it was all talk anyway.
Trumpcare works, millions more uninsured I'll blame the dems and my people will believe.
Like all my business failures so long as I get out OK all is OK.
I know I'm a draft dodger, serving the country is for others I serve me.
Don't blame me for all my lying that started right from the beginning they follow still.
Poor healthcare saves money who needs to take care of sick people anyway.
Listen I know the Wall improvement started with the last administrator my fans don't know that.