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Trump Rallies = Snowflakes waving Signs being lied to, how cute is that.

Donald John Trump the first American president to have 'play dates' with dictators.
Seventy five percent of Trump rally claims are false or BS, wake up deplorables, 87% of the tax change went to the 1 percent.
More heroism from draft dodger Donnie freezing ACA payments for Americans in need, ever see such courage?
Trump administration claims of no collusion are like the robber who got caught in the act, but judge, sir, I didn't rob the bank. I'm innocent.
Does the self hurting republican voter realize their hatred is managed by the powerful to control them and get their vote?
Conservatives are all about individual rights until your rights differ from their ideology, proving they aren't about individual rights.
Trump refers to his mouth as a musical instrument and hopes it is attached to his brain? Really!
Federalist Society and other dark money judicial organizations are governed by the elite for the elite.
During a rally in Montana, President Trump went on a…