Trump Rallies = Snowflakes waving Signs being lied to, how cute is that.

Donald John Trump the first American president to have 'play dates' with dictators.
Seventy five percent of Trump rally claims are false or BS, wake up deplorables, 87% of the tax change went to the 1 percent.
More heroism from draft dodger Donnie freezing ACA payments for Americans in need, ever see such courage?
Trump administration claims of no collusion are like the robber who got caught in the act, but judge, sir, I didn't rob the bank. I'm innocent.
Does the self hurting republican voter realize their hatred is managed by the powerful to control them and get their vote?
Conservatives are all about individual rights until your rights differ from their ideology, proving they aren't about individual rights.
Trump refers to his mouth as a musical instrument and hopes it is attached to his brain? Really!
Federalist Society and other dark money judicial organizations are governed by the elite for the elite.
During a rally in Montana, President Trump went on a tangent about crowd size, only insecure men are obsessed with image.
Imagine if Americans treated 'Operation Pastorius' the way the republican party under Trump treats Russian interference in our elections.
Trump kowtowing to Putin is the new republican party image, think Gowdy, Jordon, Gaetz, Nunes, et al kowtowing to Donnie John.
You must excuse Trump walking in front of the Queen, insecure boys like to be noticed, see me see me.
Love the name the British gave to our Liar in Chief 'Apricot Toddler' fits Donnie John nicely.
Donnie's Rallies, be glad calling names and other nonsense keeps your snowflakes happy
When did guns become strength for working class Americans, their only symbol of power is an imaginary one.
Questioning Kavanaugh by republicans will be smiles, sophomoric coaching, and just say constitution three times and the republicans melt.
Robert's court greatest achievement so far, making money a person, adding Kavanaugh may make money the judiciary.
One third of all guns in America are made overseas proving insecurity supports outsourcing too.
Foreign gun manufacturers contribute to the NRA, any Trump snowflake smart enough to know why?
The Federalist Society is simply a group of upper class lackeys funded and brainwashed by 'dark money'.
The NRA spent more than thirty million to help Donnie keep America safe, well rich Americans from fair taxes that is.
Trying to show Trump snowflakes they are being played by corporate money is like explaining red to a blind puppy.
SCOTUS decisions aren't about constitutional law they are about preserving elite power.
Trump is fixated on rankings because he can grasp little else, weak, insecure, empty men need proof they exist.
Corporations and dark money manage the law while the working class clings to their guns, some things never change.
Over three thousand lies or untruthful statements and it is the press that is fake, too funny Donnie

"America with its decaying infrastructure, its third-world public transit, its shrinking labor market, its evaporating middle class, its expanding gulf between rich and poor, its heartless health insurance system, its mindless indifference to a dying ecology, its predatory credit agencies, its looming Social Security collapse, its interminable war, its metastasizing national debt and all the social pathologies that gave it a degenerate imbecile and child-abducting sadist as its president — remains the only developed economy in the world that believes it wrong to use civic wealth for civic goods. Its absurdly engorged military budget diverts hundreds of billions of dollars a year from the public weal to those who profit from the military-industrial complex. Its plutocratic policies and libertarian ethos are immune to all appeals of human solidarity. It towers over the world, but promises secure shelter only to the fortunate few." David Bentley Hart


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