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People Tweet Pres Trump - List One

Ed note: The seriousness or even legitimacy of these complementary and suggestive tweets cannot be determined but many do contain praise, advice, thoughts, and useful ideas. As the editors built this list, it was determined subsequent lists will be necessary.

Some republican may be playing you so they can rob the bank and then blame you, watch out for them.
Thomas, Alito, and now Gorsuch three flunkies, two to go, great great work!
Just blame the democrats and Obama, your fans will believe they want to believe.
Sixty percent of Americans think you're dishonest keep up the good work!
Forty straight days of lying and they actually claimed you weren't a republican!
You should write a book on how to lie your way to the president of the USA, the art of the lie.
My mom says you are a shallow man, a family that lives on the surface and has no depth or care of another.
It's not your fault poor people didn't have rich parent like you, is it?
Keep em busy with distractions, ne…

Being There

It has been confirmed that satirizing Donald J Trump and family along with his presidential staff is too easy. The entire presidency is a satire of American comedic dimensions. 'Being There' best exemplifies DJT rise to power, but you'd need to add in 'Wall Street', 'Dr Strangelove' and 'All in the Family' as footnotes.

"No, I can definitely say the president is not a liar." Sarah Huckabee Sanders

It was sunny on my inauguration, God knew whose day it was.
Three million illegals voted for Hillary and I still won the popular vote.
I was wire tapped, Hillary and Barack are seen in a video setting it up.
I accomplished so much in my first 100 days left me time for golf.
How about my great cabinet taking loyalty oaths to me, not to anyone but me.
I don't even know who James Comey is?
I do have tapes of my conversation with some one who may have been James Comey.
I've loved Russia since they bailed me out from bankruptcy.
As soon…
Trump Tweeter in Chief

Tweeting is my macho man card, beware fake main stream media.
I am the greatest stump speaker of all time, did you see their faces, Trump's tweet agrees.
Forty percent of my subjects will follow me no matter the lie or its consequences on them.
I had to abandon Paris Accord too many bald eagles are being killed by wind turbines.
How's my black cabinet guy doing, cities seem more peaceful good good job.
That red head did me no justice orangey tan looks so much better on me.
Just blame Hillary or Obama retroactively doesn't matter about what, my people will believe.
Did you see all those people smiling as I signed another piece of paper that was really meaningless about job creation.
Donald Trump Jr is following in my footsteps with fake and phony tweets, I'm so proud.
When anything happens and I tweet its reason I am always correct, tweets Trump about Trump.
Did they find Obama Kenyon birth certificate yet, my sources say they're close, re…