Being There

It has been confirmed that satirizing Donald J Trump and family along with his presidential staff is too easy. The entire presidency is a satire of American comedic dimensions. 'Being There' best exemplifies DJT rise to power, but you'd need to add in 'Wall Street', 'Dr Strangelove' and 'All in the Family' as footnotes.

"No, I can definitely say the president is not a liar." Sarah Huckabee Sanders

It was sunny on my inauguration, God knew whose day it was.
Three million illegals voted for Hillary and I still won the popular vote.
I was wire tapped, Hillary and Barack are seen in a video setting it up.
I accomplished so much in my first 100 days left me time for golf.
How about my great cabinet taking loyalty oaths to me, not to anyone but me.
I don't even know who James Comey is?
I do have tapes of my conversation with some one who may have been James Comey.
I've loved Russia since they bailed me out from bankruptcy.
As soon as I sue all the women who accused me of improper behavior I'll be even more richer.
I may even help build that Wall, you know the one, a great great wall started on day one.
Healthcare is coming soon, it will be so good so good you won't need it.
The FBI confirmed no collusion I don't even know where Russia is.
My favorability rating are the highest in American history maybe world history.
I am the greatest president in only four months and will be greater next month.
I know exactly what covfefe means.
I never ever ever lie, never.


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