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Another republican investigation in the news:

Republicans blamed President Obama for a loss of an hour this past weekend. Sarah Palin said while she was busy reading everything, a hour came up missing? Ann Coulter thought that maybe we reverted to Kenya time and Darrell Issa will hold a hearing in which he investigates whether the IRS is behind this change. Speaker Boehner asked Paul Ryan if he noticed the loss and Ryan replied the loss was caused by poor people in the inner city. Reince Priebus noted that while he was puzzled over the loss of the Malaysian airline, the loss of an hour puzzled him even more. On a more serious note, Sarah Palin thinks a bad guy with a nuke can be stopped by a good guy with a nuke, she's not sure whether everyone should be licensed to carry a nuke but she feels this is a real deterrent guaranteed by the Constitution. Representative Issa will hold a hearing this week on that loss of an hour, and he claims Father Time cannot take the fifth or Rep Issa will give another long detailed indictment b…