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'Would the Tea Party Exist....'

"Actually, there is no alienation that a little power will not cure." Eric Hoffer

Would the tea party exist if McCain had won?  No, it would not. Even a leading tea party organizer admitted that aspect of the organization on Chris Matthews. So why? If you ask a tea party sympathizer they would tell you because McCain would be different. Of course he would be different, he would be a republican. Is that the only difference. The tea partier would of course say no.

So we know there would be no tea party if the republicans had won. That much is clear. If the tea party were a legitimate grass roots organization concerned with government and debt they would have attacked George W. Bush. They did not. So then next question, how is Obama different from Bush Jr? Well, he is not different in any fundamental way. Obama's policies so far differ nada with Bush Jr. OK then, why and whither the tea party?

Some would argue there are big differences between Obama and Bush, but a comparis…

'This Is Not a Recovery'

Interesting article by Paul Krugman.

"The administration has less freedom of action, since it can’t get legislation past the Republican blockade. But it still has options. It can revamp its deeply unsuccessful attempt to aid troubled homeowners. It can use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored lenders, to engineer mortgage refinancing that puts money in the hands of American families — yes, Republicans will howl, but they’re doing that anyway. It can finally get serious about confronting China over its currency manipulation: how many times do the Chinese have to promise to change their policies, then renege, before the administration decides that it’s time to act?"

Read Article Here. 

Requirements for whining about the Obama administration

Requirements for posting, whining and otherwise engaging in criticism of the Obama administration

In order to gain a perspective on why someone could or would have the moral and political wherewithal to criticize the Obama Administration after just a year and a half of governance, it is essential that their ideas and values concerning the past eight years be consistent. To be consistent one must have engaged in the following:

You criticized and condemned the Bush administration for its lack of action on immigration.
You criticized the Bush administration for its neglect of the intelligence concerning 911.
You wrote your representatives to protest the unnecessary invasion of Iraq.
You protested the loss of American life in the unnecessary invasion of Iraq.
You protested the trillions of dollars spent on wars that were either unnecessary or unwinnable.
You protested the Bush's administration inability to focus on the task in Afghanistan.
You condemned and protested the Bush administ…