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Donnie's Historic and Religious Tweets

The Prayer Tweets Of Donnie John

Now I lay me down to sleep sure hope I can think of some mean tweets.
Bless my spirit as I roam the world looking for places to build hotels.
Lord please protect Mar-a-Lago, my taxpayer funded winter White House with golf course.
God watches ever by my side, and guides my shot another par.
God is great! God is good! Let us thank God for all my fans that still believe.
Heavenly Father, thank You for Your guidance on our great great tax plan for the rich, your special children.
Lord he's a pedophile but think of all the money a tax reduction will bring to your churches.
Day is done, gone the sun, all is well, how about some chocolate cake.
Show me the way, show me to the path, show me the way to MacDonalds.
God in heaven hear my prayer, bless those who love me most, my lawyers.
May angels watch me through the night and inspire in me great tweets.
Lord the Pences are yokels but his pious beliefs sure helped get your base aboard.
Please help Hope Hi…