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Republican accomplishments since Reagan

Voodoo economics
Invaded Granada
Invaded Panama
Lowered taxes for wealthy, raised taxes, raised taxes, raised taxes
Removed worker rights legislation, fired workers
Made government the bad guy
Banking deregulation
Bailed out S&L after real estate bubble burst
Brought down Russia by giving speeches and spending money
Spent gazillions on star wars which failed first second and last time tested.
Presented great ad campaign Contract for America, nothing changed
Gave speeches and spent money, Axis of evil, didn't work this time
Failed to read, understand, or act on information about some guy and an attack
Created Homeland security and read your email
Stacked the SCOTUS with fascists who think corporations are really people
Kept Americans safe after Beirut and after 911
Watched the destruction of New Orleans
Gave medals to complete failures
Figured since they couldn't get Bin Laden they'd get Saddam
Showed 8 by 10 glossies of wmds in Iraq at UN
Invaded Iraq
Uncovered wea…

'Supreme Court Inc.'

Would it be fair today to consider our SCOTUS a part of corporate America and not a part of all America?

"The headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, located across from Lafayette Park in Washington, is a limestone structure that looks almost as majestic as the Supreme Court. The similarity is no coincidence: both buildings were designed by the same architect, Cass Gilbert. Lately, however, the affinities between the court and the chamber, a lavishly financed business-advocacy organization, seem to be more than just architectural. The Supreme Court term that ended last June was, by all measures, exceptionally good for American business. The chamber’s litigation center filed briefs in 15 cases and its side won in 13 of them — the highest percentage of victories in the center’s 30-year history. The current term, which ends this summer, has also been shaping up nicely for business interests." Read article here.

"The 20th century has been characterized by three deve…

Elect Republicans, your nation needs them....

You say you want a revolution....

A fair view of America today presents a picture of great diversity. Many diverse groups occupy this mixed salad of a nation. This would be a good thing if all the groups shared in the pie, but tragically a large portion of America live near or just above poverty. And many Americans in the middle class fear a loss of work, spiraling healthcare costs, or even forced retirement could place them among the underprivileged.

So the moral and societal question would seem, why is this so in a nation of such wealth? Could it be left to their own self interest or personal schemes there can be no such thing as justice or fairness in an unregulated capitalist society. Alternatives political structures offer few solutions as they all include the same element, humans. John Kenneth Galbraith wrote, "Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite." So where to next?

When you read the following quotation, try to guess the …