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Irritus U update AR15s and Trump

Special Lecture Notices:

'Irritus now conducts free lectures covering issues that are important to our public at large. Lectures will include timely topics that often confuse and complicate our simple message. Ambiguity in messaging can confuse our base and often even us.

Guns Safety and Slogans:

Citizens have every right to be safe in America, a massively armed society does not make anyone feel safe. Obviously it's important we support weapon manufacturers but at the same time our people must win re-election. So this lecture will cover how to avoid being looked upon as a nutcase with no concern for voter's safety. Topics include:

If your constituency is not full of rabid gun nuts how you can abstain from voting.

How to answer questions about the death of a loved one by unnecessary and once illegal automatic weapons.

How to appear sincerely concerned over children's deaths.

If your constituency, like Ted Cruz's, is full of gun nuts you're among the lucky one…