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Every Day Should Be Buy American

Re: 'Shop Local' November 26Th - a good idea but why not extend it a bit. Details here and here.

I've always felt Americans could solve the jobs problem if they had the will and realized you sometimes need to pay more for a product made by someone who has a decent life. Most people would like a decent life. Instead, you hear whining about taxes and regulation and both have been higher and more stringent in the past. So why do we not ask ourselves why?

So what have you done for America? Lots of whining but do you buy made in the USA? Do you drive a made in the America automobile? Do you support small and large businesses who build here? Do you support a fair wage? Scapegoating is heard too often, it is their fault: government, unions, immigrants, take your pick, history is full of examples, but what do you do for America? Do you support legislation that supports the America worker? The only thing I have seen worked since the 2008 election is talk, running your mouth is eas…