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Republican Ideology

Republican Ideology the Past One Hundred Years (Work in Progress, updated 08/14/2013)

"...Ideology makes men fight for their servitude as stubbornly as though it were their salvation." Deleuze/Guattari

Roaring Twenties, America turns inward after WWI, laissez faire economics prevail
Harding reduces taxes on the wealthy to spur growth
Three consecutive republican administrations, supply side economy, little regulation
Republicans align themselves with big business
Coolidge administration incompetent while speculation takes hold of nation
Hoover elected in landslide
Coolidge/Hoover presidencies, bubble mentality assures wall street speculation growth
Wall Street grows out of control, everyone wants in
Wall street market exchange cannot control speculative mood
Bubble bursts, banks collapse, investment trusts collapse, economy starts long downward spiral
Unable to control speculation wall street equally ineffective in controlling crash
Banking industry attempts control of secur…