Republican accomplishments since Reagan

Voodoo economics
Invaded Granada
Invaded Panama
Lowered taxes for wealthy, raised taxes, raised taxes, raised taxes
Removed worker rights legislation, fired workers
Made government the bad guy
Banking deregulation
Bailed out S&L after real estate bubble burst
Brought down Russia by giving speeches and spending money
Spent gazillions on star wars which failed first second and last time tested.
Presented great ad campaign Contract for America, nothing changed
Gave speeches and spent money, Axis of evil, didn't work this time
Failed to read, understand, or act on information about some guy and an attack
Created Homeland security and read your email
Stacked the SCOTUS with fascists who think corporations are really people
Kept Americans safe after Beirut and after 911
Watched the destruction of New Orleans
Gave medals to complete failures
Figured since they couldn't get Bin Laden they'd get Saddam
Showed 8 by 10 glossies of wmds in Iraq at UN
Invaded Iraq
Uncovered weapons of mass destruction in Iraq daily
Decided democracy was the reason for Iraq invasion
Reduced taxes for wealthy
Increased poverty
Trickle-down economics that works better up
Introduced the world to a great intellectual Sarah Palin
Bailed out Banks again after real estate bubble burst
Failed so utterly the seemingly impossible happened in 2008
Asked Michael Steele to lead them
Secretly led by Rush Limbaugh and Fox
Made corporations people
Helped make journalism at Fox pure propaganda
Claimed they were not witches
Did nothing but complain, repeat nothing, nothing
Didn't know the Constitution separated church and state
Claim they have changed
Really claimed they have changed by doing another contract on America
And so it goes....


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