Requirements for whining about the Obama administration

Requirements for posting, whining and otherwise engaging in criticism of the Obama administration

In order to gain a perspective on why someone could or would have the moral and political wherewithal to criticize the Obama Administration after just a year and a half of governance, it is essential that their ideas and values concerning the past eight years be consistent. To be consistent one must have engaged in the following:

You criticized and condemned the Bush administration for its lack of action on immigration.
You criticized the Bush administration for its neglect of the intelligence concerning 911.
You wrote your representatives to protest the unnecessary invasion of Iraq.
You protested the loss of American life in the unnecessary invasion of Iraq.
You protested the trillions of dollars spent on wars that were either unnecessary or unwinnable.
You protested the Bush's administration inability to focus on the task in Afghanistan.
You condemned and protested the Bush administration for allowing Osama bin Laden to escape.
You criticized the Bush administration on their Medicare drug entitlement that gave drug companies free rein to rob the American tax payer.
You protested the lost of rights in American because of Homeland security and illegal wiretaps.
You protested against a deficit that grew and grew while Bush did nothing but advise shopping.
You protested tax policies that favored the rich and allowed our nation's infrastructure to collapse.
You actively discussed race and racial inequities during the Bush administration.
You did not whine about taxes as you drive America's roads and bridges and took advantage of a technologically advanced society.
You ride a bike or take public transportation to help keep America green.
You live in a home that is not part of suburban sprawl and is close to work and transportation so our monies do not only go to foreign nations.
You wrote corporations and congress concerning the outsourcing of American jobs.
You paid your taxes fairly realizing you were a participant in their use.
You tip your fellow Americans well and support an increase in wages for the lowest 20% of workers in America.
You support stores that support American wages with benefits and fair pay: Costco, Starbucks.
You buy American products: cars, tools etc. and write the business when their products are not made here.
You do not shop in Walmart or other businesses that do not support a fair wage.

If you voted Bush / Cheney whose reduced taxes to the wealthy created enormous deficits, a financial bubble of epic portion, and wasted trillions on war, then you cannot criticize Obama as you are part of the current problems. If you voted for Bush / Cheney the second time around you need your head examined as soon as possible.

If you are not without sin concerning the above, feel free to criticize the Obama administration. As the priests would intone after confession, if you did sin, please now shut up, try to practice the golden rule, oh and buy American.

And most of all, if you did not do most of the above and you now engage in the constant bickering, then you are simply a hypocrite.


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