Darn, I need to add all my fake tweets someday. A few more below. Such fun.


Donnie John Tweets His Fans

I love rallies just me and my adulation groupies.
Who needs Russian help Americans are dumb enough already.
I say any thing and they believe ain't my fans great.
How about my tax plan for me and wealthy friends great great tax plan.
Sorry about that imaginary great great healthcare it was all talk anyway.
Trumpcare works, millions more uninsured I'll blame the dems and my people will believe.
Like all my business failures so long as I get out OK all is OK.
I know I'm a draft dodger, serving the country is for others I serve me.
Don't blame me for all my lying that started right from the beginning they follow still.
Poor healthcare saves money who needs to take care of sick people anyway.
Listen I know the Wall improvement started with the last administrator my fans don't know that.
Price got caught Price got caught what a dummy I'm smarter, they excuse me.
Forget my swamp talk it was like everything, just talk, my followers follow.
Like how now I even have a four star general lying, great great lie Kelly.
Niger was intelligence error with Hillary gone we have to blame intelligence now.
No more Hillary and Obama to blame but we still do. Big smile, great great.
Private email who cares that was just stuff to use on Hillary not republicans.
Jared was just engaging his feminine side when he registered as a woman.
Listen Puerto Rico is an island and they are hard to get to aren't they, lots of water.
Tax relief for me and mine ain't that making some Americans great.
No worries folks you'll have great healthcare in the next life, just wait.
How about my inauguration getting into the Guinness book as largest ever.
I'm signing an EO that says a president can't lie even if he is lying.
Oh and I won the popular vote too just count all the dummies in the rural areas.

Editor's Note: The editors cannot confirm the veracity of any of these tweets but given nothing Donnie says is true does it really matter.


"Figure things out for yourself. Spend more time on long articles. Subsidize investigative journalism by subscribing to print media. Realize that some of what is on the internet is there to harm you. Learn about sites that investigate propaganda campaigns (some of which comes from abroad). Take responsibility for what you communicate with others." Lesson 11 From 'On Tyranny'

"This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it." Joseph Goebbels


The Fake president's Fake tweets

Texas, great great storms require a great great president, me.
Sold lots of my USA hats, big profit big big, off to Bedminster for some golf.
Alex Jones my climate guru claims Texas flood water is a fake photo.
I thought kleptocracies were a good thing.
Everyone like how I play the democrats and the republicans shake their heads not knowing if I'm serious.
My buddy Rush Limbaugh said Hurricane Irma is fake news, he may be on to something.
Wasn't the Smooch great just great didn't last long but great great guy.
How about me freeing Sean so he can make lots of money talking about how great I am.
Steve Bannon is back at Breitbart you go Stevie, piling on the BS keeps heads spinning.
I kinda like grabber in chief, has a nice ring to it, better than vacationer in chief.
Someone just called me a sophist, not sure what it means but thanks thanks.
Jeez, Harvey and Irma now Nancy and Chuck I feel all loved.
Listen, I'm pres, only I can call others racists.
Kris Kobach and New Hampshire voting, he may not make any sense but who cares.
I knew birther issue was fake but republicans loved it didn't they.
My fellow draft dodger Rush flees fake hurricane, you go Rushie.
Didn't you all love my fake best ever best healthcare, fooled em.
Neo Nazi good, kneeling football player bad.
I never said all republicans were dumb just most of them.
Loved Ben saying homelessness is a gift from God, you're the best Ben.
Ah come on I only said I was going to drain the swamp not do it.
Price flying around on tax payer money, isn't that a privilege of being in the swamp.
Ivanka and Jared are above the law, private email ok for them.



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