American Conservatives are Embarrassing

"By an accident of birth, I fall into the White Guy category. To keep this on a positive note, let’s call it my brand. And that means that if other people with my outward characteristics do dumb-ass things, it reflects on my brand." Scott Adams

White conservative Americans have become an embarrassment. I know that's not politically correct, but face it folks we are starting to look like a nation of idiots. Think about that for a minute. Our white conservative Congress is voting again to repeal healthcare, you know healthcare that is slavery. Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to make America Somalia, no need to obey federal laws - articles of Confederation redux. Kansas Governor Brownback bought into the insane idea idea that reducing taxes brings forth magic. Now the state is a mess. Kansas is just one state run by a white conservative republican. Was Brownback alive in 2008 and 2009 or was he lost in some imaginary supply side universe. Laffer is so appropriate a name.

What's the matter with white America is the question of the day. Recently a group of white militia conservatives took over a garage sized nature center in Oregon because they have the mental acuity of a spoiled five year old. Give children guns and they soon think they are warriors. Reminds you of a five year old who won't come in for dinner. One wonders what the idiots will do when tourist season arrives, maybe they'll give 'take over nation' demonstrations one garage at a time. If another American had asked for this land it would be welfare, how is it America belongs to the select few white Americans? The nation's Indians should tell them they're way late.

Then we have Maine Governor Paul LePage, of course everyone knows racism is alive and well in America, that is except white Americans, they think they are colorblind, try really hard to forget their narratives. Didn't a Marxist Kenyan president change all that. One can only wonder at the level of insanity when a woman becomes president. She is white, will that help? Are you kidding me. Anyone watch the Benghazi hearing. If hate required a face there were plenty of opportunities. Can you spell just plan nuts. And Deez even got some votes.

Anyone watching the republican debates would marvel at the level of dialogue, when it isn't the same reduce taxes on corporations and the wealthy and the economic genie will appear, they are upping each other like some chest pumping pretend wrestler, bomb em all. Bomb em all, bomb em all, is it fear, paranoia, everything has become Munich. Have any of them served in the military, had they maybe a rational thought would arrive.

Have you seen the crowds at Trump rallies, cheering the blond platitude, an inherited real-estate developer, now the darling of white conservative America. Trump engages in so much hyperbole, historians and sane media journalists now require therapy. While Nazi references are badly overused by these conservative republicans, recently a Muslim woman stood up and was escorted to door, that wasn't the proper sign of allegiance to a mountebank wearing a trite slogan. Remember the Gay soldier. Booing in this crowd is a substitute for thought.

And this comedy of white conservative sloganeering would just be funny until someone like Governor Rick Snyder poisons the people of Flint, Michigan to save a buck. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker isn't just dumb, he wants all the citizens of Wisconsin on an equal level. Why fund education when anyone who isn't as extreme as you is just not conservative enough. How many teachers does Governor Rick Perry want to fire, he can't remember that either. And then there is Rick Scott. Any need to go on.

Have you noticed none of the republican governors support education. This would be funny until you look at the warriors in Oregon, or the tea party signs to keep government out of their medicare, or poisoned water, add tornadoes and floods which only matter if you happen to be in one. Education is power, it is feared by the powerful for it focuses attention on cause rather than aimless finger pointing. Pay close attention to Governors and candidates who listen the likes of the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson.

"If we held the White House, taxes would be lower, spending slowed and the military strengthened...." Governor Nikki R. Haley of South Carolina responds to the SOTU. She forgot 'freedom.' If a listener read history they know how often these same words are used, and they'd know too how meaningless they are. Can you spell voodoo or oligarchy.

Idiocy mixed with fear is so dangerous a mindset, anyone find those WMDs or witness the wonderful spread of democracy in the Middle East? If you have, let the rest of America know. So long as big money buffoons, corporate lobbies, think tanks that do anything but think exist, militiamen armed with AK15s isn't a reality show, it is reality.

It would give solace to the sane American if after President Obama's term, sanity in America returned, but given the House under 'missing a heart Ryan' is still voting to end slavery, aka healthcare, no hope is in sight. It has to be clear now, elect a conservative white governor and your state gets dumber, you lose healthcare, your environment is polluted, and your state goes into massive debt. All the while they throw out, weakness, appeasement, surrender, Chamberlain, again and again, is there any hope white America.

If anyone has an idea on how sane white Americans, who still believe in a land of promise, inclusion, fairness, and accomplishment can separate themselves from dumb white America. Please, please let America know. By the way, suggested forehead tattoos, would help but people do occasionally change. Imagine for a minute the Donald's audience cheering bigotry, slogans waving, 'make America great again', Palin rambling, dissenting Americans booed, and you witness the absurd theater white conservative republicans have created. And so it goes....

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'The American conservative has become a sort of trained bumpkin, they outsource their work and pay them nothing and he unconsciously blames government when she doesn't blame some racial or ethnic group. Years of training have made them puppets. One could say corporate puppets, the corporations play them like children. Has the conservative always been this naive a tool of others? Maybe they have, for power knows all you need to do is have an enemy to occupy them. When it isn't government it's progress, or for some conservatives it's another human being of difference. I guess when one's mind is empty of education or history, it gives comfort to know satan caused all that is wrong. Satan can be whatever the powers that be tell them. No need to name names' mc5

And I give you this idiot to add to the point.

"Forgotten by the fevered crowd was the supposedly bedrock conservative principle that people are responsible for their own actions, and that it's time to stop blaming society."


Conservatives must now face the monster they have created after sixty years of disparaging government, why all of a sudden would they think their idea of government is better than another. Nations deteriorate from the inside, the destruction of America started in earnest with Ronald Reagan and the rise of oligarchy. Sixty years on, an education that excluded diversity, reality, science, history, and every other American value has had great impact. Mirrors are obviously missing at the National Review and other conservative locations. The scary thing is, Trump and Cruz could actually be more extreme and they'd still appeal to the conservative American. Doubters check Iowa voting. The apologetics begin.


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