What do you think?

Dylan Ratigan is leaving MSNBC because he is tired of saying WTF over and over again. While I am not a regular watcher, I liked his honest enthusiasm, the 'Daily Rants,' were often excellent and perceptive opinions. So this past week the ranters have praised Mr. Ratigan for his gutsy decision in leaving a cushy talking head job to do something real. Can one imagine Limbaugh, Beck, or Hannity doing the same? Never, as talk is all they have ever done.

Talk, as the cliche goes, is cheap, and Ratigan has decided he'd rather not say the same stuff day after day, even when talking honestly about the same stuff. What Ratigan is doing is what Americans used to do, the 'can do' and do spirit, what gave the nation and later all Americans freedom, what helped create a fair wage, what gave women the vote, what allowed others to even vote, these actions gave people power over privilege and its very often complicit tool, government. Actions speak louder than words. So reader what do think? Will he succeed? And is this admirable and deep down American or what?

Read about him.


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