America, The Stupid

The other day a fake commencement address by a right wing talking head, Neal Boortz was praised as the best ever online. Since I know many teachers, and the work they do, and the difficulties they face in a society in which only money and sports are worshiped, I took umbrage with such nonsense.

My solution to the buffoon's 'libelous'* speech - I am not sure what word to use when someone who earns their living talking shit all day criticizes people who actually contribute to society - was the old fashioned one, a good punch in the mouth followed by a toss off the stage. How else could you rationally debate a total jackass.

I was raised in a world in which the teacher was in charge in the classroom and the student listened. Today in America every moron, with equally moronic parents, is not only right, but the teachers wrong. And then when asked why our students do so poorly, the teachers are blamed. Imagine if little Joanie studied instead of texting and kicking a ball all evening?

America is becoming stupid because the ideas of fools are taken serious, consider Fox as an example, its listeners know nothing about the world, or consider Rush Limbaugh's nonsense, then there is Coulter, Savage, Beck, Hannity, et al, can anyone think of dumber media personalities? Lots out there. Big money fools support the stupid because the stupid say and write and print what the big money fools want them to say. Consider the revisionist stupidity from Jonah Goldberg, David Limbaugh, or Mark Levin? Seriously, how badly educated is a society when these fools are the best the conservatives can bring to the table today?

Liberals today need to call a spade a spade, stupidity is sponsored by the wealthy stupid, and the greedy stupid, and the ideological stupid, stupidity has gone on too long. Every fool gets a Koch, Simmons, Perry, Murdoch et al soapbox when the fool argues against the American values that made this country great, so it is time we too call stupid stupid. Unapologetic, I have to say anyone who praises Neal Boortz's fake commencement address is kinda stupid, nah, let's be honest, really stupid.

"Quite possibly, this belief in our own opinion, regardless of the facts, may be what separates us from the nations of the world, what makes us unique in God’s eyes. The average German or Czech, though possibly no less ignorant than his American counterpart, will probably consider the possibility that someone who has spent his life studying something may have an opinion worth considering. Not the American. Although perfectly willing to recognize expertise in basketball, for example, or refrigerator repair, when it comes to the realm of ideas, all folks (and their opinions) are suddenly equal. Thus evolution is a damned lie, global warming a liberal hoax, and Republicans care about people like you." Mark Slouka

* When a talking head condemns a whole group as incompetent, he not only makes himself the fool, but his criticism enforces a false portrait of a noble profession. Stupid speech is stupid speech and should be labeled stupid.


  1. Actually, the really sad thing is that we're so often wrong about the authority we do recognize. I've heard more outright nonsense in basketball (or, worse, football) broadcasts than anywhere else.

    As such, what you're saying makes a lot of sense. Only those experts who have managed to build a narrative of expertise are given any authority; those that are embroiled in a narrative of conflict (teachers, scientists, any even remotely left-wing economist) are just disregarded.


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