What happened to the republican party?

Brian Williams started the debate this past week with the fact most Americans blame the policies of the last administration for the mess the economy is in now. So what do the candidates do but outline the policies of the last administration in more abstract and fluffy words, adding how well they have done so far and will do if elected. Where have I heard this before?

One of the curious ironies of the night for me was the federal governemnt can't do it but the state governemnt can. Think about that for a second. What was that Civil war thing about? The United States of un-united states.

And Massachusetts required a mandate because folks didn't or couldn't pay. Romney wins the best answer for the federal mandate, but that answer went in a black hole. Weird how honest remarks disappear.

Perry was right about being Galileo, they told him to shut up too, only it was the Church and not his advisers.

Santorum lost in PA for a reason, he is mostly nuts. He's living proof home schooling is dangerous for the mind. And I loved his welfare reasoning, I doubt Jesus would and Jesus is his hero?

Paul held up a dime and demonstrated the sad ravages of years of libertarian thought.

Bachmann blamed the weather on Obama-care, not a joke, it seems insuring Americans is tantamount to the black plague and has multi-faceted negative impact on everything everywhere. Can you spell absurd.

Gingrich ran out of ideas, and Cain looked to Chile for ideas, isn't that a republican no no, or is South America OK and Europe not so OK?

I thought Huntsman had something going for him, but he looked like a tightrope walker, a bit unsteady, and wondering if reason had a place in a republican debate.

Americans, republican Americans are so political, so detached from reality that death is something to cheer about. One wonders how loud the cheers would have been if the execution numbers were even higher? Innocent, who cares!

Would republicans today be opposed to the polio vaccine, they are opposed to all science today.

Social security is probably the greatest, most moral, best run thing America has done for Americans, to call it a ponzi scheme demonstrated a lack of conscience and experience.

And SS runs well - minus the meatheads in congress who haven't a clue what they are talking about.

"For 45 years, the defense-industry analyst paid into the system until his retirement in 1994. But with all the recent hoopla over reform, Mr. Logue, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, decided to go back and check his own records. Would he have done better investing his money than the bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration? ... To his surprise, the Social Security investment won out: $261,372 versus $255,499, a difference of $5,873." Read article here.


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