Obama and Jobs

I had no idea Obama created jobs? I thought the corporations and the purchases by American citizens created jobs? I thought making things in America created jobs? Just a while ago while riding my made in America bicycle past my made in America car, I noticed that most of the cars were foreign? Japanese, Korean, and German? So I thought am I in a parallel universe or am I imagining this scene? So I stopped in a large chain store and I looked where everything was made? Again I thought I must have been transported to China? Couldn't be I thought? Nah, this is America and American know many need jobs, so surely they'd buy American made? Surely they would? Surely corporations would build here too? Let's hope that Obama guy has a large large family, I do, don't you?

Buy American = "Because Ford, GM and Chrysler conduct far more of their research, design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly work in the U.S. than foreign automakers do, buying a Ford, GM, or Chrysler supports almost three times as many jobs as buying the average foreign automobile. Some comparisons are even more striking. Buying a Ford supports 3.5 times more jobs than buying a Hyundai. Comparing a Honda and a Hyundai? Buying a Honda supports more than 2 times more jobs." Read article here.

Presidents and jobs see here.


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