Note to Obama

Politics today in America is not about representing the people of the nation, it is about power and getting reelected. Clinton faced the same do nothing republicans and moved too far right in my opinion in order to pacify the corporate wingnuts. Note to Obama: it didn't work for him and moving right won't work for you. They still hunted Clinton, wasting millions on investigations about nothing. Obama needs to face the reality the republicans only want control and will only support the monied interests to gain back control. The scene is so obvious and yet the Dems too play act their part and move like unprincipled pawns for reelection.

Working people will only count when they rebel in the voting booth - this is tough as neither side is very good - or rebel as the workers did in the thirties, or the Blacks did in the sixties. Power and money resist any change that moves towards justice and fairness for all.

"In the political turnover in the United States in the autumn of 1994, as previously indicated, those opposing aid to the poor in its several forms won their stunning victory with the support of less than one quarter all eligible voters, fewer than half of whom had gone to the polls. The popular and media response was that those who had prevailed represented the view and voice of the public. Had there been a full turnout at the election, both the result and the reaction would have been decidedly different. The sense of social responsibility for the poor would have been greatly enhanced." John Kenneth Galbraith 'The Good Society'

"'Practical' politics, it is held, calls for policies that appeal to the fortunate. The poor do not vote; the alert politician bids for the comfortable and the rich. This would be politically foolish for the Democratic Party; those whose primary concern is to protect their income, their capital and their business interest will always vote for the party that most strongly affirms its service to their pecuniary well-being. This is and has always been the republicans. The Democrats have no future as a low grade substitute.." John Kenneth Galbraith 'The Good Society'


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