My New Year Resolutions

I will not call right wingers, wingnuts, I'll try to be polite and call them Wing Nuts.
I will not tell them they are corporate tools over and over again, two or three times each day will suffice.
I will try not to laugh too hard when their only reply is a three word talking point (TP), aka slogan, given to them by right wing radio.
I will try not to laugh too hard when they repeat one of their essential TPs that MSM is liberal.
I will try not to think of them as uneducated simpletons even when they get all their thoughts from Beck, Limbaugh, Fox, or the vast right wing echo chamber.
I will try to seriously believe they only woke up after Obama's election to deficits and massive wasteful spending.
I will try to take seriously the Tea Party's whining about government public policy even as they collect social security and benefit from Medicare.
I will try hard to think that Wing Nuts must have more on their minds than just taxes, taxes, taxes.
I will try to forget the failures of Coolidge, Hoover, Reagan, and the Bushs. Well try.
I will try to understand that when your policies fail constantly pointing fingers at others is all you can really do.
I will try not to remind them too often that no nation was ever founded on right wing conservatism. Never. Can't happen.
I will try to forgive them their worship of corporate greed but criticism of minimum wage for fellow Americans.
I will try to forgive them their inhumanity and un-Christian behavior when it comes to universal healthcare and welfare. America helps.
I will remember that even though Wing Nuts sound like twelve year olds, they may really be older and just dumb. They could one day learn.
I will try to stop thinking all right wingers are trolls and hope instead that a few may one day be able to think on their own.
I will try to remember when right wing ideologues reference the Constitution they have no idea what a constitutional democracy even is.
I will remember that when they rewrite history that the truth is still out there even though they ignore it and substitute easy slogans.
I will sympathize with the right wing when they fail to understand my well reasoned threads and posts.
I will try to understand their worship of money and the wealthy over equality, justice, and the consequent freedom that follows from a more equitable society.
I will hope that all their guns give them security but pray they do not fly off the handle with a loaded 9mm.
I will try not to gloat nor brag over the accomplishments of liberal courts, FDR, LBJ or now Obama and the 111th Congress. Too Much.
I will try not to mention no conservative has ever answered my simple question for a conservative accomplishment that helped all Americans.
I will forgive the righties their cognitive discrepancies, failed policies and ideas, but I will never agree with their cheap labor, corporate/wealth worship, and their destruction of core American principles. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I will remind them we have a way to go before we fulfill that dream. I will try harder in 2011, I promise.

"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." Dwight D. Eisenhower


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