This week in Trump World

TW is a hodgepodge of Trump quotes, tweets, cabinet advice, and Trump news friends, on topics and ideas not fake at all.

Shawn Spicer will try to clarity any news in TW which conflicts with reality or seems virtually impossible.
Global warming is not only a hoax but is being caused by the last administration.
Donald Jr has zero contact with his father except when they talk on the phone which isn't really contact per DJT.
Donald does his best thinking while golfing a Mar-a-Lago, Trump advisers claim the universe is in better alignment there.
Trump believes what he believes because he believes what he believes, does that help?
VP Pence is in the deep South compassionately explaining healthcare as government overreach to patients dying of needed care.
Pres Trump is saving all his tweets on a private server so he can sell them and make money for Sasquatch victims.
Pizzagate was almost as bad as Watergate except there were no burglars, no gate, but they did have pizza.
Pres Trump doesn't drink because he wants to maintain complete mental control when tweeting.
Pres Trump informed Jeff Sessions there was no need for cross burning on the White House lawn.
Scott Pruitt thinks there is no need for environmental regulations since Armageddon is right around the corner.
Trump finds proof of wire tapping, a loose wire was found under rug in WH.
Three million illegal Hillary voters were found in caves near Roswell and are now running back to Mexico.
Digital cameras were rigged by the Obama administration so that only part of Trump's inaugural crowd was shown.

Stay tuned for more important and not fake or made up news from Trump and the associated news agencies that verify the truth of Trump World.

TW best Tweets of Week:

Healthcare under Trumpcare will be the bestest and most likest in history and cheapest too!
Did you see the crowds at Mar-a-Lago jealous huh!
Shot a 69 at Mar-a-logo people laughed did they think I was lying!
Snow storm coming bad bad Dem's fault told you Global warming was made up!
Proof? Kellyann sees microwaves messages almost daily, they're real!
I have the best sources the best news the best friends the best hotels!
Don't I look so good saluting! Real soldier like!
Obamacare is imploding, all these people getting healthcare, un-American!
Media is rude I'm not they sure suck!

Sources, advisers, and publicists for Trump World information: Breitbart, Townhall, Red State, AlexJones, Newsmax, Fox, OAN, Rush, and especially Friends at Fox.

Upcoming in TW: DJT finds WMDs, Gov Christie helps DJT with diet advice, DJT and Sarah Palin practice shooting at gun range proving mentally challenged people are OK with guns.

Interested readers may want to check this article. Read article here.

"Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel." Jean Racine


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