Election 2014

Edited post: I changed 'intelligent' to 'reasonable' as intelligence is not always a sign of helpful human reason. Psychopaths are often intelligent proving it has nothing to do with empathy, compassion, or normal human concern.

Until liberals, democrats, leftists, and freedom loving folk learn people are not rational and that those who have the best slogans win - Idiots will always win if their message is simple enough. Look only at Joni Ernst as an example, she may make Michelle Bachmann look reasonable. Seems simple but the democrats and progressives don't get it. Say taxes, welfare, dog whistles, un-American, socialism and voila instant vote. Of course the history of republican rule is a failure but who knew. As I've asked in another post what has conservative politics ever done for all Americans = NOTHING. And on a more personal level I laugh today as republicans and conservatives in my age category worry about social security and medicare, not that they are funded, but that they can benefit from these liberal policies. And so it goes.....

After thought, electing a Black man has hurt the Democratic party in a manner simlar to LBJ's Civil Rights Act. But then some say that's playing the race card. Guess it is.


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