Obamacare Questions

As I watch MSM's gnashing of teeth and whining over the ACA, as I watch republicans whine about the ACA, I wonder....

Why is there so little information about the positives of the ACA?
Why is there little news on the people in America who need healthcare?
Why is there no news on the states that are doing a good job implementing the ACA?
Why is there no investigation into why insurers and others are opposed to the ACA?
Why is affordable healthcare for all Americans not a priority instead of an impossibility?
When did America become the 'can't do' nation?
When did any news agency or republican take note before October 2013 of insurers dropping Americans from healthcare or raising rates constantly?
When was the last time a news source reported on Americans whose coverage was dropped or failed to cover their health condition prior to October 2013?
OK, I repeat myself.
How is it our healthcare ranks 37th in world and we aren't embarrassed as a nation?
Why is it that technical issues are the focus of every day today rather than a 'can do' spirit of let's help?
When did America become a land absent of common sense morality and reporting when it comes to so important a subject?

MSM, you, we, can all do better, time we tried.

It would seem a whole new reality about healthcare in America became available October 2013. A discovery hidden till then, and you thought the Hubble telescope was a marvelous view into unknown regions?


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