Guns Love Em or Hate Em

The problem is that nothing is so simple as the assumption all things are either or. You are either responsible or not responsible. Are we creations of our self. Does possibility ever enter the picture. I am for the moment a mildly psychopathic teenager, I have access to various weapons, I go out into the street and I kill many people with my weapons. I am for the moment a mildly psychopathic teenager, I have no access to weapons I go out into street and I scream obscenities at the moon and other more animate objects who smile and wave. So then responsibility lies solely with the person regardless of the situation, or the background of the person, or the possibilities of violence? Why don't we arm small children and tell them be careful and if we did do we have any culpability in what happens? But little children don't know how to handle these weapons. Hm...but then we assume everyone else does. And thus everyone else can be armed because now we assume responsibility regardless of anything at all. Society grants to the person a responsibility they would not personally grant to the same known person. Thus the gun death rate in America.

Stanley Fish on the NRA.


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