What the heck is wrong with white people?

Let's face it folks white people are just plain bad news. Look at South Carolina for instance, white people just voted into office a known philanderer and misappropriator of tax payer money. And he is a republican too, you think maybe that is what they mean by being more inclusive?

Look too at Congress, now what moral person thinks avoiding delays at airports is more important than meals on wheels for the elderly who rely on it for sustenance? Anyone.

Then there is the hurt done to children through reductions in head start. Didn't I hear lots of white people say children are our future and didn't I see lots of white people holding and kissing children? Odd huh, guess it must be rich white children?

And then to top it off, these same white people pray all the time. Even congress starts each session with prayer. Ask yourself what is it they pray for, fast lines at airports or food for the bed ridden? Must be those lines? 'God, please speed up those lines, amen.'

Maybe there's something wrong with Christian white people? Any atheists or brights out there who can answer whether atheist or bright white people vote for charlatans and hate old people and children? And like fast lines too? I know you don't pray.

White people they sure are hard to figure. Can anyone explain what's wrong with white people?

'It's time to face up to the problem of sexual abuse in the white community'

"Since the "black crime shock" tabloid stories of the 1980s, editors have known that stoking fears about misunderstood minorities is good for sales. If you object to this article, then you should understand how it feels to be a Muslim reading similar pieces pandering to Islamophobia day after day – and you should object to those too."

It's time to face up to the problem of sexual abuse in the white community

And looks like someone else noticed these peculiar white people. "Using her extended Irish-Catholic working-class family as a case in point and explaining her own political coming-of-age, Walsh shows how liberals unwittingly collaborated in the “us versus them” narrative and how the GOP’s renewed culture war now scapegoats segments of its own white demographic." Joan Walsh 'What's the Matter with White People?'

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others.

Full disclosure: I too am a white people of a bit confusing parentage, but given the thousand of grandparents who isn't.


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