It's not guns, it's statistics that kill people

It isn't guns or people, it's statistics that kill people. Those darn statistics, we gotta outlaw them in America, they make us look bad. All these shootings make America look uncivilized, a nation full of savages, this has got to stop, ban statistics.

Myth: A gun in the home increases personal safety.
Fact: A gun in the home make homicide 2.7 times more likely.

"Keeping a gun in the home carries a murder risk 2.7 times greater than not keeping one, according to a study by Arthur Kellermann. The National Rifle Association has fiercely attacked this study, but it remains valid despite its criticisms. The study found that people are 21 times more likely to be killed by someone they know than a stranger breaking into the house. Half of the murders were over arguments or romantic triangles. The study also found that the increased murder rate in gun-owning households was entirely due to an increase in gun homicides only, not any other murder method. It further found that gun-owning households saw an increased murder risk by family or intimate acquaintances, not by strangers or non-intimate acquaintances. The most straightforward explanation is that the presence of a gun increases the possibility that a normal family fight or drinking binge will become deadly. No other explanation fits the above facts." Read article here.

All the more reason to make sure guns are stored safely, no one allows poisons around children why are guns an exception?

Gun nuts are those who think the second amendment allows psychopaths access to weapons to massacre men, women, and children and defend that access as a constitutional right.


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