'Why I’m So Mean'

I know this will be hard to believe, but often when I call a right wing conservative stupid I feel a bit of remorse. My mom would have corrected me, my dad would have added a much more colorful stupid. But face it folks, the right wing today are the puppets of the rich, and they prove it almost daily. And is there any need to mention the dreamy libertarians who think fantasy-land is for real? So it was a pleasure coming across Jonathan CHait's piece on why he can't help but be un-PC. Enjoy. Oh, and do as I do, save the link, for tomorrow a right wingnut will repeat the same nonsense. It's all they do.

By Jonathan Chait

"There are just a lot of people out there exerting significant influence over the political debate who are totally unqualified. The dilemma is especially acute in the political economic field, where wealthy right-wingers have pumped so much money to subsidize the field of pro-rich people polemics that the demand for competent defenders of letting rich people keep as much of their money as possible vastly outstrips the supply. Hence the intellectual marketplace for arguments that we should tax rich people less is glutted with hackery. The very simple fallacy I pointed out by de Rugy has been knocking around for years, without end. (Here it is in a piece by Stephen Moore in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal op-ed page. Here is Senator Jim DeMint making it today in an interview with the approving editors of Reason.) A similar problem exists, perhaps to an even worse extent, with climate change denial." Read article here.


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