SCOTUS Strikes Out?

Will this SCOTUS Strike Out? If this court finds Obamacare unconstitutional will it go down in history as one of the most unimpressive, ideological, and partisan courts of all time. Arguments can be made on both sides of this issue but when we consider our preamble of a nation that operates for all people, it would seem the choice an easy one.

Consider this court elected George W. Bush, who proceeded to almost topple the entire nation's economy, wasted billions on illegal invasions, and couldn't even catch Osama bin Laden nor eat pretzels properly.

Next they gave corporations person-hood, granting money the power to destroy an opponent, create a new slanted reality, and even govern and legislate the country. Money talks, as they say, now we see it does even more than just talk, it manages the nation. Our nation's symbolism will now be the fifty dollar bill. 'In Money we Trust' - well kind of trust until the next bailout.

What will history think of the likes of Scalia and Thomas, or today, Roberts, and Alito? America moves back and forth, this group of four move only when the corporate pied piper plays. Broccoli is compared to heathcare? With comparisons like that who needs all those years of law school. Mom always said carrots were good for your eyes. I never thought of her as a Justice.

Hopefully Justice Kennedy will understand that markets are not an end but a means, and sometimes federal law must manage them for the good of the people. All people. But justice is often a tricky thing as time has shown time and time again. Where's Popeye when you need him.


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