'My fellow Americans we need to get back to the principles of our founders, we need to cut spending, reduce taxes, get government out of our lives, bring back liberty, and tell our people the truth. Government is the problem as Ronald Reagan said so eloquently. Since media will not get our story out we must, we must stop the entitlement mentality that makes people dependent on government. The fourteen trillion dollar deficit is the problem we need to address immediately, we need to reduce our budget, return our land to the people, and return to the principles of our founders.' Senator/Representative Whatshisname

Hypothetical question from the audience:

But you work for government, and the majority of America's debt was caused by conservative republican policy, and Reagan raised taxes numerous times as he grew government, and the last conservative republican created an enormous entitlement program and the Great Depression and Great Recession both followed conservative republican rule?

Footnote: Watching this is like watching groupthink in action, the same empty talk follows the same empty talk. You wait for the puppet master to appear and take a bow. Words come to stand for the reality that was and is the reality they helped create. If I didn't see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears, I'd think it satire done by a modern puppet master who understands deeply the pure comedy of the words when juxtaposed with their actions and accomplishments.

Footnote two: In case you miss any of it on cspan, use the above outline to catch up on their latest ideas.


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