If Republicans take the Presidency and the Senate

"Man robs bank so he can go to jail and get health care."

Listen don't knock him, soon Americans will be committing crime to get an education, eat, and have a roof over their head. In the Great Depression they just didn't have these nice prison facilitates, anyone who thinks America hasn't progressed is dead wrong. Prisons are nice now compared to a republican world, and republicans love them as privatization will mean more cash in their coffers. The elderly are actually banning together into gangs and hoping for one of those nice white collar prisons when Ryan and cohorts screw them on Medicare and Social Security. Good idea, prison, don't you think? While it is rather odd that prisoners do better than working Americans don't knock it as one day you may need it. Prisons may just become the new retirement facilities, we'll need legislation for 55 and older prisons. And when welfare goes, no one will complain about a solid roof over their head and nice fence to protect the little they have left in life. Imagine a place where you get free health care, free food, and all your friends are there too. A new age will have dawned. 'Mommy, I wanna grow up to be a prisoner.' 'That's nice Joanie now finish your bread and water.' 'Mommy prison food is better, I just hope I can get there someday?'

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