Labor Day and the American Worker

Thumbs up for all who bought and buy American made. Read and pass on.

Ideas can be powerful things, and when used for the good can result in good.

Ideas have power and if the idea that buying American, buying in stores that pay fairly is a good thing, and looking at where things are made becomes a way of thinking, then we have accomplished a big thing. There is no need for tariffs and other regulatory complications, all that is necessary is that America makes products that are reasonably priced, and Americans buy them even when the cost is slightly higher than the import. That seems simple, but isn't simple when the very workers who create many of these goods, in Unions particularly, are seen in a negative light.

Instead of whining about America as the Tea party does, why not push the idea that buying and supporting one of the foundations of our current lifestyle, Unions and 'made in America,' is still needed today, get out there and spread around ideas that praise the American worker and do not blame unions or fair wages. How to do that, speak to friends, local media, national media, and write our representatives. Shop where they pay fairly, and look at labels. And support representatives that support all Americans. Thumbs up.

See a piece I wrote some time ago below for labor Day weekend.

'Join me, please this labor day weekend'

I was riding home today after a middle distance bicycle ride, tired and a bit out of shape when I started counting cars, America - foreign, American - foreign. It occurred to me if only a small percentage of these people, the people who can afford more than a used clunker, bought American there would be no problems in one of our largest industries today. And lots of people would have a job and lots of businesses would be OK. May even help those incompetent bankers.

So I started giving thumbs up for American and thumbs down for foreign. Hard to distinguish which foreign car is made here, but no need I am a bit of a hard core American when it comes to cars. My '55' Chevy was my first love.

I'm sure the people thought me spastic, as my left hand thumb pointed up, then down, then up as cars drove by. Did anyone figure it out I wondered. Who is this nut! So if the whiners who lost the election can out of the blue, protest taxes, can we not protest something that has been going on for years due to cheaper prices, support structures, and no pensions, but still is having an insidious affect on our industrial base?

So if you own foreign go to you nearest mirror and give yourself a thumbs down, and if you own American and thus support all of us and America, a thumbs up is due and thank you. Take to the streets and express yourself. The bankers thank you too.

Oh, and my bicycle is made in America too.


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