Fact Paradox and Random Musings - Edir 08/2013

The birth of time and space as we understand it occurred some 15 billion years ago.
"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." Bill Clinton when asked about having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.
Dick Cheney, a four time draft dodger justified the Iraq invasion, claiming 'Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDS).'
If opinions are only opinions what are opinions.
Certainty is unscientific.
Imagine bacteria from a space probe starting life on another planet.
Some scientists claim humanity has a 50/50 chance of surviving this century.
The Mosuo are the only known significant matriarchal society.
Thousands of Americans and it is estimated over a million Iraqis have died so far over these WMDS.
How long can one remain silent.
Japan invaded the United States on December 7Th, 1941, today American flags adorn Japanese cars in America.
Free will is an essential myth.
You can understand how a neuron works but it doesn't help understanding.
Do politicians ever think about poverty in America or the world.
Recently I noticed a shirt in Macy's made in Vietnam.
Fifty six thousand Americans died in Vietnam fighting the spread of Communism.
A human would not be a human outside society.
Many people believe having freedom to do something means you can.
Americans today buy more communist made items than American made.
Freedom is the chance to be better, thought Camus.
Have you ever met someone whose smile or voice alone made you like them.
What was the first question.
What will be the last.
One hundred trillion microbes exist on each of us.
If you want to protect the whales stop supporting Japan.
Do social memes exist.
Is the mediocrity principle true.
It is estimated there are hundred thousand possible earths in our galaxy alone.
Seinfeld claimed to be about nothing.
John Cage once said he was saying nothing but still saying it.
Do we ever grow up.
How much real world experience do Judges have.
All industrial nations have universal healthcare except for the United States.
'Semper Fi' stickers have been seen on Japanese and German cars.
The earth is four and one half billion years old.
What is a picture really worth.
Robert Musil said pictures on the wall soon disappear.
Republicans hated Clinton in 2000 and love him in 2011.
The life span of elephants is 70 years.
One teaspoon of sea water contains five billion bacteria.
Some Americans are too proud to buy American.
When watching another perform a task, our brain's neurons imitate the activity.
A quarter of all Americans believe their president was born outside the US.
Drawing came first then writing then reading, so humans could understand what they drew.
Maybe grunting came first.
I love to listen and watch my granddaughter babble in what appears to be meaningful conversation.
George W. Bush was AWOL during Vietnam.
Japan impedes access of American automobiles into their markets.
John Kerry served in Vietnam; Dick Cheney obtained four deferments.
Music and art make us human.
Zola thought you cannot see something until you photograph it.
Each weekend at Mass, we prayed for the conversion of Russia from Communism.
Alaska was discovered in 1732.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend leads to nothing good.
Evil is the reason hell is required.
Zeno thought movement impossible.
During the week we hid under our school desks preparing for nuclear holocaust.
All religions have as a central tenet the Golden Rule - none follow it.
George Tenet claimed WMD were a slam dunk; he received the Freedom Medal.
There are a hundred billion synapses in the brain.
How do we explain blindsight.
Why do Americans have so little regard for education.
The earth does not require humans.
The meaning of freedom requires context.
Americans could solve all our economic problems by simply supporting America and its workers.
The universe does not require living things nor thought.
Liberty only exists where there is law.
Is language essential to dreams, I think no.
Often the enemy is ourselves or our ideas.
America is not in the Bible.
Dolphins call each other by name.
I drive a mobile ad for America.
All debate should be enthymematic.
Ninety five percent of internet debate is ad hominem.
Low taxes and deregulation have failed the majority of America's people.
Gossip is universal, so is the blame.
There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
The nuns knew how to inflict guilt, mention omission.
Do American boys still work on cars.
Try to think without words.
If man kills himself off what will replace us.
Americans love fantasy shows about spirit intervention, why.
David Deutsch claims conjecture is the origin of all knowledge.
George W. Bush a draft dodger painted both McCain and Kerry as bad soldiers.
Do dreams mean anything. Do nightmares.
The Iraq invasion has cost over 700 billion dollars and counting.
We see the world as we are.
Wealth is a creation of society.
In just ten generations you have 2048 grandparents.
The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe.
Carbon fuels are the result of life death and time.
Mitochondrial Eve is our evolutionary mom, Adam lived nearby we hear.
Does birth order matter.
Sometimes I think the bicycle is the greatest invention.
Labels or categories or isms are only meaningful to the speaker.
Colin Powell provided complex testimony at the UN for WMD.
Many Americans believe in an America that never existed.
Dreams are creations of the mind.
Humans are inconsistently hypocritical.
Are cynicism and conspiracy close relatives.
Is conspiracy thinking an evolutionary tactic of survival.
TVs easy solutions give comfort to many.
Hiroshima was bombed on August 6Th, 1945.
Approximately eleven more ovulations occurred before the egg dropped that became me.
My mother says my first love was a car, a 1955 Chevy.
Fiction serves as conscience.
Why are boobs so interesting and desirable.
George W. Bush praised Michael Brown after Katrina struck New Orleans.
Movies mirror our dream world.
Hollywood movies mirror nightmares of individual revenge and widespread catastrophe.
L. Paul Bremer was awarded a Freedom medal. So was Rosa Parks.
Photo Postcards of lynchings in America from 1883 till 1960 were displayed in February, 2000 in New York.
There are over four million porn websites in the world.
Empathy is missing in so many Americans today, why.
How can we explain extreme narcissism.
Evolution was never controversial in Asian.
Asians never considered themselves top dog.
While Satan still lingers in the minds of people, Government has replaced him in America.
If you do nothing you cannot be criticized, if good happens great, if bad it is always those who acted.
What if there were no affirmative action.
Sarah Palin is the right wing Chauncey Gardiner.
Or is that the political Anna Nicole Smith.
Argument is not rational.
Reasoning is often not rational but personal.
Borges wrote mirrors and sex were abominable as they both multiplied man.
Life is only possible because of other life.
I love to hold a new book.
The Bo language is now extinct.
Ronald Reagan had the highest peace time tax increase in America history.
The earth has had two deep freezes that killed most life on earth.
Laughter is an evolutionary tool for it's OK.
Death doesn't bother us when it is someone else.
Does anyone still diagram sentences or practice Palmer penmanship.
The Romans used roads for soldiers and communications.
What is the need and appeal of speed.
FDR started minimum wage at 25 cents.
How do you define drudgery.
Eisenhower proposed the Interstate Highway system because of war.
The Internet was created by government due to security concerns.
The Black Plague killed 25 million people.
Mornings make me high, is that consciousness or dopamine.
In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed over twenty million.
Do you ever wish Santa was real.
America used to be a can-do-nation, it is becoming a won't do nation.
How do we know we are thinking.
It is estimated that 110 million died in wars in the 20Th century.
Some place the estimate as high as 140 million.
The first victim of war is truth.
Why do children find bodily functions funny. Adults too.
Propaganda regardless of truth works if it fits a worldview.
At one time the sun never set on the British empire.
In Asia silence is a demonstration of knowledge.
Communist Russia was our ally during the second world war.
There are 80 Walmarts in Communist China.
Americans in the 18Th century lived to 45 Europeans to 32.
I am therefore I think.
Are there really laws in nature.
Why does gravity work.
People argue to convince themselves.
Gun deaths may soon exceed automobile deaths.
In America today government is the source of all trouble for partisans.
Is objectivity possible in writing about complex topics.
The world didn't end at the first millennium. Nor the second.
In 1999, manual apparatus sold well because of fear electricity would not work in the new millennium.
Jim Thorpe, an American Indian, was probably the greatest athlete of all time.
Among our closet relatives in the animal kingdom are the peaceful Bonobo.
The universe is flat.
The end point of the universe is estimated but not known.
Humans date back 150,000 years.
Government is the witch of the past.
Reality TV has little reality.
Eisenhower described his administration as progressive.
How do we know what we think we know.
Edit to Bible: the love of money is the root of most evil, or much evil.
Fear and insecurity are big factors too.
Schopenhauer said reading was thinking with the mind of another.
A British newspaper marveled at the number of stupid people in America after Bush won the second time.
No testing to confirm 'stupid' was conducted.
In reading we often converse with the dead.
Fascism is of the right, Communism of the left, Dictatorship personal.
Hitler was a Catholic, so was Timothy McVeigh, so is Antonin Scalia.
Is progress a realistic idea.
Fox media has been shown to make people stupid.
Was Sisyphus happy.
Is the primitive mind the source of conspiracy thinking.
The time circumstances and accomplishments make Franklin Delano Roosevelt our greatest president.
Jonas Salk took no profit from his team's development of the Polio vaccine.
Wittgenstein said if all science problems were solved it would not touch any of life's problems.
Between 2003 and 2007 the profits of the nation's largest medical insurers rose 170.2 percent to $12.6 billion.
Experts and throwing darts are equally reliable prognosticators.
America ranks 37Th in the world in healthcare, right next to Costa Rica.
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, is ugliness.
Where does emotion originate in music.
Meaning is found in the use of words, Wittgenstein thought.
One can say anything.
Chomsky said, colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
Citizens in America have become consumers.
Global warming deniers suffer from shifting baseline syndrome.
In geologic time, human history is a second, our life less.
If Think Tanks are only about partisan and corporate ideology, why are they called think tanks.
Coffee sex books and the open road, all I need.
Channel surfing is a male sport.
The richest 1 percent in America saw their wealth triple from 1980 to 2006. The bottom 90% went down 20 percent.
If free will exists how can we justify our politics in a world of poverty and disease.
Sixty percent of U.S. corporations failed to pay any federal taxes from 1996 through 2000.
A child dies of preventable causes every 15 seconds in the world.
Pro-life is an easy position, nothing substantive is required.
Liberalism and conservatism equiponderate Tao.
Even beauty becomes boring.
Corporate taxes amounted to just 7.4 percent of total federal tax revenue in 2003.
The sun is middle age in sun time and should burn out in roughly another 5 billion years.
I had a much stronger fantasy life young.
The rich are bailed out, the poor thrown out.
The rich get their drugs prescribed, the poor from the corner pusher.
The war on drugs was started in 1969 and is still in progress.
Tobacco kills approximately 400,000 people each year.
Alcohol about 80,000, illegal drugs kill only a few thousand.
Beckett wrote I can't go on, I'll go on.
The war on terrorism, a noun, started during the Bush administration.
Terrorism is a method.
Explain red to a blind person.
I do not understand cults, nor the Tea Party cult.
Every racist has reasons for their racism.
Every racist thinks the other is the racist.
Only two chromosomes separate us from the great apes.
Why is pink associated with women and blue men.
Has the debate over nature versus nurture been resolved.
How many acknowledge their biases.
Empathy grows too often from experience alone.
What does Honey Boo Boo say about American tastes in TV and life.
Why do people care what the Kardashians are doing.
Political opinions are not truths.
Why does life seem worse than in some past time to so many.
Some never have enough, why.
What is the appeal of dystopian horror in a near future.
Since we abandon old theories of science why do we cling to old theories of politics or economics.
Combined taxes consume 21 percent of the poor person's earnings, but only 7 percent of the earnings of the rich.
Each breath is a million billion billion atoms of oxygen.
I find honest people interesting but very rare.
I love a complex thought experiment.
Convince me I am not from another planet.
Why do we so often lose contact with our friends.
Lived life contradicts all conspiracies.
Exceptions never prove anything.
Why is God not a She.
Why don't men wear dresses.
Little girls dressed like mannequins with overweight moms, what is that.
Pro life is often the hypocrite's crutch, how much genuine care is there for the living child.
Repeated untruths become truths.
Misogynists cross all spheres of thought.
Research is what we call what we don't know, thought Einstein.
Many believe in a deterministic economics.
Lin Yutang thought wise men read both books and life.
Corporations outsource American jobs and then whine about sales and the bottom line.
I write and talk in order to find out what I think, Sontag said.
If all conceptions are children, when and where do they grow up.
It is estimated three out of five conceptions end naturally.
Do birds think as they fly south, then north.
Are birds the last dinosaurs.
Somethings are given, our parents, our genes.
Do animals have nightmares.
Sartre thought other people were hell.
Wealth is worshipped in America, morality not so much.
Imagine if we could fly like a bird.
How would one subject their ideas to a double blind test or even a single blind.
If you already agree with me, you will agree with me, said Stanley Fish.
TV is pure fantasy, when it isn't, it doesn't seem real.
Guns and people kill people.
Why are so may things in life addictive.
I think better in the morning.
Only death is shared by all.
Infants are not a blank slate.
Our congress decided inside trading laws apply to them same as average citizens
Our congress decided inside trading laws do not apply to them
Prejudice is taught.
The majority of drug offenders are white, but blacks comprise the great majority of drug offenders sent to prison.
Humans are distinct from animals because we know we are animals.
Humans are distinct from animals because we take ourselves seriously.
Why do no religions preach doing good acts.
Being guillotined was for the privileged during the religious heresies.
Being burned alive for the common people.
People arrived early at both for a good view.
What part of ourselves do we see in our children.
Technological progress is a double edged sword.
Some say there is no such thing as a free lunch.
What does the Flynn Effect say about so many assumptions.
Success is work, talent and luck, most forget luck.
In a single stone is all of time.
Where is that level playing field.
Walmart insures its workers and designates the corporation the beneficiary.
American corporations build data centers in India while laying off Americans.
The individual with inherent rights was created in the 18Th century.
Suffrage didn't happen till the 20Th century.
Do children mature sooner today, seems so.
Churches are everywhere in America, one would conclude Americans were religious.
Wittgenstein thought all problems, problems of language.
Worlds are made in our head thought Nelson Goodman.
Maybe life on earth is a first draft or one of many.
Reason is in the mind of the reasoner.
Capgras is an excellent way to avoid your mother in law.
Rape in marriage was legal in all states until 1980.
Unfettered markets are the dream of the naive.
Narrative fallacies are often accepted as truth.
When asked a stupid question Obama smiles nicely.
I am trying to learn that skill.
Language is the reason we know that we know.
It could be said that Indulgences brought down the Holy Roman Empire.
Camus thought judgement took place everyday.
If all work is outsourced who will inform us.
Is America the first working plutocracy.
Kant thought native Americans incapable of civilization.
I've read tobacco is the Indian's revenge.
Cymotrichous was the final word in the 2011 spelling bee.
Stromuhr was last in 2010.
Humans share 110 genes with bacteria.
If minimum wage is a good wage why does congress not use it as their pay scale.
Haitians burned twelve witches in 2010.
Barbara Waters was the first female news anchor.
American conservatism can be summed up in one word today: whining.
Ninety two percent of Afghans in 2010 didn't know of the 911 attack.
Should society demand restitution if the victim does not.
The beauty of our constitution is its broad vagueness.
Counter intuitive ideas are.
1,022,000 words are in the English language according to Google.
There are approximately 3.5 million homeless in America.
Guilty consciences often talk.
I love roads that stretch to infinity.
Time and space are beyond human comprehension.
The universe does not require thought or us.
Honey does not spoil.
Everything we think we know comes from the limits of our social life.
What would a pygmy think of quantum physics.
What could a quantum physicist learn from a pygmy.
Is explanation necessary or useful in debate.
Mitt Romney obtained a religious deferment from military duty.
Romney spent the deferment in Paris.
DNA has so far exonerated 273 wrongly convicted Americans.
Only 5 to 10% of criminal cases involve DNA.
The top 1% of Americans possess more of the wealth of America than the bottom 50%.
If actions are additive, how can we ever tell if any action is the right action.
America today is a meritocracy of the privileged.
Why is buy American made so rarely spoken in America.
The Sun flips its polarity every 11 years.
Unfettered capitalism is the driving force for regulation.
Our language of nouns divorced from context, makes for easy classification but little thought.
Does anyone know what causes heterosexuality.
Eyewitness accounts are often wrong.
Are Libertarians the final communists.
Generalizations are usually false.
The Spanish brought the horse to America.
If you compare BBC to Fox you may lose hope for the America mind.
I never believed in the unconscious mind till I realized it answered questions.
Labels in American politics are a substitute for thought.
Irony is Ayn Rand on Medicare.
We should weep for men at their birth, not at their death, said Montesquieu.
Neither marriage nor God is mentioned in the US Constitution.
How did we communicate before cell phones.
Consider how much money corporations could funnel back into the community if they outsourced executives and their boards.
Kafka said the meaning of life is death.
Beckett said what he didn't like about death was he couldn't enjoy it.
Does infinity apply to good, to bad.
America seen from space during rush hour is a scene of scurrying ants.
Stupid ideas are stupid, they can not be dressed up.
Imagine opening up a window on a machine and ordering anything.
Ted Cruz proves intelligence alone doesn't make you a human.
The tallest man was eight foot eleven inches.
Wall street and political criminals imagine conspiracies aimed at them from media or ideology.
People who worship markets blame our president for the actions of those same markets.
Debate is useless, people do not think, they react.
Pointing fingers is the most used debate strategy in America.
Issac Asimov imagined a computer that wanted to die.
Money is worshipped most in America, next comes sport.
Often the best answer is none.
Digital photography has changed the picture experience and the picture.
Intelligence is a skill, some use it poorly.
In Finland children want to be teachers, in America they want to be athletes or entertainers.
Will humankind ever attain immortality on earth.
Entropy argues no.
It is still the 'pudding' that matters.
Cocoa helps memories work better, so some think.
Which would you choose, great beauty, intelligence, or long life, pick two.
Sometimes the best you can do is live long.
In the end it is what we value that creates complexity.
I am a liberal, a progressive, a democratic socialist, an economic democrat, a radical conservative, a social democrat, an economic humanist, wrote Martin Gardner, me too.
It is the journey that matters.
I'll go on....


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